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Battle Board

Battle boardBattle boardBattle boardBattle board


At Battle Board, the belief is that having the right gear helps you focus on what truly matters. The origins of Battle Board trace back to 2010, when a need for a durable and portable map tracking system arose before a deployment to Afghanistan. Using a basic sewing machine and several yards of fabric, the first iteration of a Battle Board was created. This original Battle Board continued to serve various platoons over time.

By 2015, the need for a smaller, lighter map board for field operations became evident. This led to the production of new Boards, which were initially shared with friends and family. The increasing demand for these Boards eventually led to the establishment of Battle Board.

Through numerous iterations and overcoming challenges like breaking a few sewing machines, Battle Board now offers the highest quality gear, backed by a lifetime warranty. The commitment to customer satisfaction means they will exchange or replace your board until you are happy. With over 50 designs and combinations available, there is a configuration suited for every mission.

Quality Materials Matter

  • Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate
  • 1000 and 500 denier solution-dyed nylon fabrics
  • DOT® solid brass snap fasteners
  • YKK® nylon reverse coil zippers
  • 100% bonded nylon thread
  • Nylon webbing

For more information or price requests, please contact us at [email protected]. We are the authorized reseller for Battle Board.

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Download the system guide for the Swift, Expedition, and FiST boards for an expansive understanding of how the modular components and accessories work together.

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