MedVac Vacuum Mattresses & Mats

MedVac – a series of cutting-edge surgical bedding and patient positioning solutions designed to ensure optimal patient comfort, precise positioning, and easy cleaning. Developed in collaboration with leading experts, the MedVac series from Kohlbrat & Bunz offers the highest quality and the latest technology.

With MedVac, you can be assured of precise patient positioning that provides surgeons with optimal access to the relevant anatomical operating area. The use of pressure-relieving materials ensures that bedding-related damage is avoided, and our products are made of biocompatible TPU, which allows for easy and quick cleaning and disinfection.

These products have undergone clinical studies and are fully approved as medical devices, attesting to our high-quality standards. They are designed to adapt to the contours of the body, providing optimum pressure distribution and relief, reducing the risk of intraoperative hypothermia, and enabling simple, quick, and safe application.

MedVac Positioning System SLS(lateral position)MedVac Positioning System PRS (Patient Restraint System)

MedVac Positioning System SLS (lateral position)

MedVac Positioning System PRS (Patient Restraint System)


  • Adapts to the contours of the body
  • Optimum pressure distribution/relief
  • Reducing the risk of intraoperative hypothermia
  • Simple, quick, and safe application
  • Avoiding consequential damage such as decubitus and paresis
  • Optimum access for the surgeon to the surgical field
  • Excellent patient comfort
  • Improved efficiency in the operating room
  • Enables inter-clinical transports in a defined surgical position




  • Lateral
  • Half Lateral
  • Supinea positions
  • Laparoscopic positions


  • Vacuum slightly
  • Lay patient on mat
  • Add air until the mat is malleable
  • Position patient
  • Extract air until the mat is firm

 Outer Shell:

  • Durable TPU film
  • Long service life
  • Comfortable and easy to clean
  • Biocompatible, PVC and latex-free

 Vacuum Valves:

  • Removable or welded
  • Robust valves close automatically

 Adjustable Filling:

  • Optional opening for easy adjustment



Positioning cylinders are part of the standard equipment for patient positioning in the operating room. These positioning aids are inflated with air to position the patient primarily under the rib cage area. After inflating the cylinder, the chest is pressed horizontally the rib cage area.




  • Warming pad / warming blankets for the optimal temperature of the patient.
  • Multi-layer knitted fabric ensures optimal pressure-relieving storage.
  • The patented ventilation of the ceiling prevents possible heat build-up.
  • The special design of the blanket ensures that the system is warmed up quickly and evenly - this also prevents possible air turbulence in the patient's area.
  • Liquid can penetrate into the blanket in the upper textile level - which is specifically drained off via the air flow.



Contact us for more information on the MedVac series.

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